Monday, September 14, 2009


A few more good sunsets and longboard rides in Govy and the Janky crew headed back to Salt Lake to prepare for winter.

My white Audio's needed a good grave.   Bye Govy.

On the day of travel it JP and I teamed up as team Legacy (pronounced "Leg-gaaaa-c" --it's French) and Timmy and Hazen worked as team "Looks good, feels good."  After a nice evening in Portland the "look good feel goods" weren't feeling so well and got off to a bit of a late start, necessitating that they take the boring route home.  JP and I rousted ourselves at 6 AM, boasting 3 solid hours of sleep, and drove southeast in Oregon through Salem, Bend, and the desert, down into Nevada and across 80 West to Salt Lake.     
JP wore this cowboy getup on the whole trip.  Once in Southeast Oregon and Nevada he fit in nicely.  I didn't ask any questions.  

Forest fire near Bend.

Volcanic area east of Bend.
There is nothing in Southeast Oregon.  Past the next town was the sign; "No gas, 120 miles." 
No cars either.
Over the 16 hour drive I learned JP is really into government conspiracy theories.  He was convinced this fire resulted from secret government weapons testing.  Whatever, it's Nevada. 
We arrived in Salt Lake around 11 PM.  A slight lack of planning left us with no place to sleep indoors.  Sleeping indoors is something I learned is near and dear to JP's heart.  We ended up sleeping outside our cars at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon.  Here's JP in the morning, Timmy's still napping by the rocks.

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