Thursday, September 3, 2009

As the snow is reaching its yearly lowest level on Mt Hood the seasonal employee with any shred of sense moves on.  This is precisely what separates the core Janky crew from the rest.  We have not made any moves (except for ditching our prime lodging for the much more economical and crowded apartment of JP and Wes).  With the smarter employees abandoning Mt Hood and moving to winter quarters; Hazen, Collin, Conner, Timmy and I have had to pick up the slack with extra shifts at the Timberline dining establishment.  This leaves little time to enjoy the sliver of summer that remains here.  Yet we have had a few moments of solace:

Josh showed Wes, Timmy and I this waterfall and cave selection near Hood River.  
JP, a little agitated about the possibility of cougars while shooting a sunset timelapse.  I figured the cougar, smelling a meat, would likely attack JP as he chugged his muscle milk.  My nerves calmed, I managed to safely to stack this shot:
And I did get to go skiing for the last time this summer with Eric.  I caught up with Wiglaf at his car-house in the T-line parking lot.  The man and his machine:

I think my mustache was making wiglaf a bit jealous as he was throwing down these fresh trailing tail corks over MHSSC's last jump of the year:

November 3rd, 2008 to September 2nd, 2009; skiing as much as possible.  Awesome.

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