Friday, July 31, 2009

Warning Signs of Eruption Prevalent, JANKYfilms Begins Drafting Escape Plans

As the power went out in the Mount Hood area from Government Camp to Welches, it was hard not to read the warning signs. In a state of tense anxiety, the JANKYfilms crew held an emergency meeting with the goal of outlining an escape plan in the case of an imminent eruption, with the headquarters in Government Camp being in extreme danger. Important items including the supercomputer used for computing complex algorithms for their edits, powerful effects software, state-of-the-art Ultra Extreme Definition cameras, and of course the $5 dolly setup now need to be relocated to a top-secret location to secure the future of JANKYfilms.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's been a good July. Greg doesn't like hiking with pants anymore

Backflips are hot right now.

Hand drags are so hot right now. Tarca making them look easy


Casual wristie

And the edit

Jankalank: JANKYfilms Hood in July from Janky Films on Vimeo.

The Revolution Continues!

Tarca still prefers to "let the gulls fly".

Friday, July 24, 2009

Peace, Bros!

As part of Nick's new "peace bro" revolution, Nick gave Compton the beautiful bowl cut seen below FREE OF CHARGE!
Timmy is now contemplating cutting his hair as well and I think we all know that he should submit to the skilled hands of the Cobra.  Based on the obvious success of Ian's bold new look coupled with the fact that Nick does his work for free I feel Tim has no choice.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

reality and strange acceptances

Holy shit kids! Mt. Hood has been an absolutely insane adventure for the entire Jankyfilms crew and associates. I mean, take away the daily shredventure, the constant obscure movie quotes, the mini ramp, the redikerous inside jokes, the filming days, the editing genious, the alcoholic punishing pooh suit, and the rampant fun, you'll be left with a empty space in the world that used to be Janky...

Gregory Frank Salonen-------->yeah he grabs!?
With that said, damn this place/lifestyle is fun. We here at Jankyfilms are a productive bunch and we've had a productive last week. Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camp has been hooking it right up period. This has led to many quick feature digs and a huge portion of fun session to be had by all. A definitive highlight was today's endeavor.

Haze-o gettin quite cork-d...
From my limited perspective today started with a three egg omelet and a chocolate confection that tasted quite prime indeed my friends:). The average slow house awakening and roll out to T-line ensued dumping the crew at the base of the magic mile a little before 10am. I felt slightly off. An extensive amount of energy I knew I had to control was coursing through my head and rampant excitement had to be released through today's shred/ski activities. I knew today was going to be a good one regardless of the variables.

Ross drivin' trux n shiiiiit....
Public park laps consisted of a fun halfpipe run, hitting jump one until too slow (summer slush son), a few early morning bangers on the double barrel downy bar, and a couple quick fun tricks on the smaller feature section before a chill ride to the end of the receding snowline. A short hike later and the mile swoops the crew back up for another.

Classic Mt. Hood distant forest background double grab back 3 shot...
1:00pm hit n everyone began the exodus up Palmer in order to avoid the harsh reality of the mile's 1:30 closing time. Cause fuck that we wanna ride more dammit! We had to remove 5 mins of snow and up-box and another 10 mins of snow and rainbow box before we could slay the living fuck outta M.H.S.S.C.. This small exchange of manual labor grants the entire J.F. crew access to multiple sliding features and two masterfully crafted jumps all of which provides for hours of entertainment to our easily amused lifes.

Mike Mindeez gettin radical on some crazy fun Corked 5 dubs!
I was feelin it. The session started with a corked back 5 that felt right n set my mind at ease as to how the session was gonna go. Le skiers were getting warmed up and getting speed n safety tricks dialed. Everybody knew about everybody wanting shots today. Once that bollocks was outta the way crazyness was initiated and the fun took off. Some notable nastyness was tranny finda's first 9, willem's switch 7's, mindeezes cork-d front 5's, greg's switch 7 mute, Haze-o's cork-d 3 n 9'er was radical, and the shreddy doubles was also very sick. Of course some slams were iminent and everyone took their fair share of pain with joy.

Willem bein' one a them crazy englich blokes with a accent what like you could'n properly believe...
This hot action was all caught upon film resulting in some brain searing footage. Haze-o's editing boner is gonna need some viagra in order to process the pant soiling, face melting, spine snapping explosion that is the last Jankyfilms film day.

J.P. gettin his...
In short, we went and had a truly great day of summer slush inspired fun, all the while enjoying each others personal stoke level. M.H.S.S.C consistently kills it with their total lack of an overblown scene and a skyrocketed level of fun. Jankyfilms has a great crew and not having fun is impossible. Mt. Hood is everyone's summer savior. Other than that I would like to thank everyone filmin', M.H.S.S.C, An Oregon Experience L.L.C., and anyone anywhere who can't ride daily because it's summer. We laugh at your frustration on the chairlift. Cheah!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Early June rolled around Govy with alot of rain and clouds, making us all pretty bored. Shredding on the hill was pretty dangerous and inconsistent most of the time, so we let the gypsy lifestyle embrace us.

All told we had 5 different days of gypsy set-ups and sessions over a week or two period, making for some unique features including a 5-jump backie-booter line, a stump jump, tree-spin-jump, rock-hip, gypsy alley, pole jams, flat and up rails and mini-booters of all shapes and sizes.

Part of the 5 jump line

Fix yourself girl, you got a cameltoe

The bottom booter sent you maybe 5' up and 1 or 2' out. It was wicked poppy.

Seth being a gypsy. Photo: Ethan Stone

Attempted Row-Day-O. Photo: Ethan Stone

Ol' Greg laying down a switch 5 mute. Photo: Ethan Stone

I sold my soul to Ethan Stone for these photos


Global grilling at Trillium

Perched up on the Road 27 cliff with the bras watching the sunset

Oregon has decent sunsets. I guess

Courtesy of

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Janky Films Does Bungee Banshee Jib Jam

Keenan, Greg, Hazen, Wes and Tranny all participated in yesterdays Bungee Banshee rail jam at the Skyway Bar. The feature was a sketchy up flat box over a Toyota FJ Cruiser. Competition level was low and many females got real injured. Including but not limited to wolf girl.

Greg showing off his baby T-Rex arm.

Hazed and Confused.. check out the kid scoping hazens delts.

Keenan showing off how much of a meathead he is by pulling the bungee back all by himself.

But the meathead maneuvors paid off because he ended up winning with a blind three swap. The prize for skiiers... a pair of goggles and a pile of horse shit. It will be on sale outside govy general tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Metal Jeff kills it.

And likes balls on his chin.

Monday, July 6, 2009



Sunday, July 5, 2009

Go Hard or Go Home

Uncle Greg, as known to by our resident gypsy Willem, pretty much slayed it super hard and ended up with a nice looking palmer burn after an attempted cork maneuver.

But thats what you get for being a fat ass like this.