Wednesday, August 19, 2009

IF3 and the Road

During a period of rainy poopy weather we finally managed to buckle down and edit a version of Salty Days that was worthy of sending in to IF3. It's still extremely janky, but we're pumped on how it came out and hope the fact that it'll be a weekend late won't affect anything. Regardless of its tardiness, alot of progress was made on the overall film and we're now focusing on getting some promos out. Seth's is almost done and ready to be dropped like a stinky turd on the newschoolers scene; he's a robot on rails. It's annoying how he shows up at a session and gets 4 bangers in a row, smiling like an idiot.

Aside from editing, we took a trip down to Portland a bit ago and I managed to get my Holga shots from this spring and summer developed::

Driving home from a day of riding at A-Basin with Seth in Colorado

Keenan and Timmy on the side of the highway on the way back through Utah from Colorado while I took a piss in the desert

Stopped in to see home one last time before Timmy and I bounced to Oregon

The headquarters in Govy

View from the Salt Shack

Hood is erupting

Big Govy life

Things are finally starting to wind down this summer, with Uncle Greg, funny-man Nick Maaaasland and all of our righteous gypsies gone, and Tranny Finder, Tarca and Seth leaving within the week. Powpow is starting to fly in Utah; time to hit the road soon.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Page 9

you're welcome america

Sunday, August 9, 2009


All Jeffy wanted for his birthday was to metal out in the basement with some bros.  
Greg's metal face:

Jeffy's house breaking out some mind bending riffs:

Good birthday party Metal.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Big Cat

We were all saddened by the departure of The Cobra today. He returned to Massachusetts with the intentions of spreading the P.B.R. (peace bro revolution) to the east coast. He also intends on slaying rails, acquiring medicine, and hopefully getting a job at Fritzes in Keene so he can consistently be around slam pieces. We wish you the best of luck towards all of these admirable goals young Nicholas Noel.

One final "Peace bro" to you my friend.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

This Just In...

Janky Films house guest "Terry" Compton, destroys his new Afterbangs... Terry simply landed switch off a box and the base peeled off, as seen below.

Unlike most government camp residents who live in their cars, Janky Films rider and frequent Pooh Suiter, Seth Dobson shows the world that unlike these so called gypsies, we in the Janky house have jobs and pay rent.

Unlike some house residents who get in trouble at work, Tarcor exceeds at being a carney, and pushing young children off the bungee tower at ski bowl. Tarcor, you receive ten bowl bucks!

It's my last week here at Mount Hood and most of all we're keeping it super real. Just an example of the regular antics at the Janky House.