Sunday, July 12, 2009

Janky Films Does Bungee Banshee Jib Jam

Keenan, Greg, Hazen, Wes and Tranny all participated in yesterdays Bungee Banshee rail jam at the Skyway Bar. The feature was a sketchy up flat box over a Toyota FJ Cruiser. Competition level was low and many females got real injured. Including but not limited to wolf girl.

Greg showing off his baby T-Rex arm.

Hazed and Confused.. check out the kid scoping hazens delts.

Keenan showing off how much of a meathead he is by pulling the bungee back all by himself.

But the meathead maneuvors paid off because he ended up winning with a blind three swap. The prize for skiiers... a pair of goggles and a pile of horse shit. It will be on sale outside govy general tomorrow.

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