Monday, July 13, 2009


Early June rolled around Govy with alot of rain and clouds, making us all pretty bored. Shredding on the hill was pretty dangerous and inconsistent most of the time, so we let the gypsy lifestyle embrace us.

All told we had 5 different days of gypsy set-ups and sessions over a week or two period, making for some unique features including a 5-jump backie-booter line, a stump jump, tree-spin-jump, rock-hip, gypsy alley, pole jams, flat and up rails and mini-booters of all shapes and sizes.

Part of the 5 jump line

Fix yourself girl, you got a cameltoe

The bottom booter sent you maybe 5' up and 1 or 2' out. It was wicked poppy.

Seth being a gypsy. Photo: Ethan Stone

Attempted Row-Day-O. Photo: Ethan Stone

Ol' Greg laying down a switch 5 mute. Photo: Ethan Stone

I sold my soul to Ethan Stone for these photos


Global grilling at Trillium

Perched up on the Road 27 cliff with the bras watching the sunset

Oregon has decent sunsets. I guess

Courtesy of

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