Monday, November 9, 2009

So Salty Days is finally finished and can be found exclusively on the NEW

The Utah syndicate has been hard at work both fishing the movie and getting ready for this coming season. We don't really want to call it training but we have been on steady regimen of freestyle calisthenics and living room jibbing. Apparently it is easier to do tricks when there are bindings attached to the board, these bindings also appear work best when made out of duck tape.

In addition to our cardio work we have been adhering to a strict diet of pasta surprise, rice surprise, and milkshakes. However, there have been contentious debates as to where the best
shakes can be found. Artic Circle took the top spot early on but the recently discovered Iceberg (two blocks down the road) is drifting towards the top, though it is moving very slowly.

What kind of cream cheese is that? Son, that is rice surprise.

While it is still fall down in the valley, up in the mountains, above 9,000 ft, on north facing slopes, winter is in full swing. We recently went to a secret early season zone known only those with an internet connection and the ability to read. The mission started out with some complications as one of the drivers was not informed that parallel parking would be required but thanks to persistence and complete disregard for oncoming traffic the sixth time was the charm.

We eventually made it up the canyon and began our trek on foot. The main attraction of the zone was the rhythm section which took the better part of a day and four shovels to build... at least that was our best guess because we just brought a broom and swept it off! ZAP!

Without divulging too much let's just say there were death defying stunts that have been documented in video. Tree taps, fire gaps, and crisscrossing trains all went down, it was quite the spectacle.

Because we got to up there so early it was quite cold still and a large hazardous fire needed to be constructed immediately. The closer to the jump line the better, we are really tying to one up the bail segment from Salty Days this year so next to every feature will be placed an alternate adventure.

We are anxiously awaiting falling snow and running lifts. Look for a little preseason edit coming soon, on that same note if you know of any new Biggie remixes send them our way we are looking to start this season off right!

In the meantime here is some High Quality eye-candy from Salty Days.

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